Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Stone Chest?
We are a family run business that specialise in the retail of gemstones/minerals, fossils and crystals. We trade exclusively over the web and have built ourselves an excellent reputation for providing quality products with a fast, friendly customer service.

How Do I Know It's Safe To Shop Here?
We employ several technologies and techniques to ensure that your details remain safe. Firstly, the sensitive data the you give to us is encrypted making it unreadable without the correct set of decryption keys. Secondly, we process all of your payment information over a secure SSL connection with a trusted payment gateway (PayPal or GoogleCheckout) and thirdly, we only store your contact and cart details - we *never* save any of your card information on our servers, instead this is handled by a secure payment gateway that has specialist fraud and data protection measures.
Of course, having a secure site is only half of the reason to trust us.  You will likely also want to know what we are like as a company and whether we are trustworthy; while we can assure you that we take our business and customers seriously and aim to provide the best service we can, our opinion is always going to be biased. Therefore we recommend that you search google for the terms 'stone chest review' and look at some of the independant feedback sites that have commented ratings for us. This will give you an unbiased view of our customer service, from our previous customers.

How Do I Buy Products?
Browse to the product that you wish to purchase by selecting the appropriate category from the drop down menu's. When you have found the item you are looking for, enter the quantity that you require in to the 'x [        ]' box and press add to cart.  Repeat this process for each product that you would like to purchase. When you have finished adding your products, press 'view cart & checkout' in the orange pane on the right hand side. You will now see a summary of the products you have added to the cart, verify the quantities, adjusting any if necessary, and then select a shipping method from the drop down box.  You will will need to choose your payment method and agree to our terms and conditions by selecting the checkbox;  Press checkout to confirm your selections.  If you do not already have an account with us you will be asked to fill out your details briefly before being sent to Paypal or Google Checkout to confirm your payment.  If you already have an account then you must login to continue. Finally, simply fill out the payment form as directed and your purchase will be complete.

How Do I Remove An Item From The Cart?
If you have changed your mind about an item in your basket, just press 'view cart' on the right hand side, enter 0 in to the quantity box and press update (green circular icon). The item will then be removed.

How Do I Use A Discount Voucher?
If you have a discount voucher code - add your desired products to the cart and press view cart, you must then enter you discount code in to the voucher box just above the payment summary. Once you have done this, press the 'claim' button. Your voucher will then be validated and any applicable discounts will be applied your order summary.

Ive Used A Voucher But My Individual PayPal Summary Prices Do Not Match My Cart Prices?
This is just how our voucher discount system works - your voucher has simply been applied on each individual product in your cart, your payable balance should remain the same. In the case of a percent off voucher, x% will be taken off of each individual product that was in your cart. In the case of a fixed value discount, the first item price is deducted from the price of the voucher, then the next item is deducted from the remaining voucher credit, and so on until all of your items become free or until the voucher credit is all used up.

Do You Ship Abroad?
Currently we are not offering international shipping on our products; this is however a prospect that we are currently considering, so be sure to check back at a later date.

I Think Something Went Wrong With My Order Or Payment!
First of all there is no need to panic. We are here to help and we are able to rectify any order issues, failed or double payments, etc. usually immediately. So, if you have a problem or are perhaps just worried that something may have gone wrong - just drop us an email. If possible, please include an order reference and your login email address, along with a description of what went wrong - this will help us diagnose any problems quickly.

Can We Provide Short-Term Items For Events, Television, etc.?
Yes, we can provide items for Events and Television, etc. subject to additional terms. Items can be provided on a temporary basis and may be loaned for up to 90 days. A full deposit is required for the goods and the purchasing party is required to cover the shipping fees. The full deposit (excl. shipping) will be refunded providing that all items are returned in resalable condition within 90 days of the dispatch date. To arrange a loan please contact us prior to checkout, thanks.