Create Wish Lists To Share With Friends!

Wish lists are a great way to let your friends know about the gifts you'd like to receive. You can add all the products you like and then give a link pointing to your wish list to your friends - they then know the exact products you want, ideal when you have a birthday or Christmas coming up.

An example wish list:

All you have to do is:
1) Sign in (or quickly register) at Stone Chest
2) Add all the products you want to be added to your wish list, to your cart
3) Click 'Convert to wish list' on the right.

That's it! You will then have a complete wish list that you can share with whoever you want by giving them a single web link.
It will also generate HTML code that you can use on MySpace or your own web pages.

You can of course have multiple wish lists and remove the ones that you no longer want through the account panel.
To view or delete your stored wish lists just login and click 'View My Wish Lists' on the left hand side.